Otsuchi Of Abundant nature

Chojamori Mountain and Komagamori Mountain nurture the gifts from the forests.
The Otuschigawa River and the Kozuchigawa River flow from the mountains
The beautiful ocean the Bay of Otsuchi.

Otsuchi is a great place to enjoy the outdoors—rivers, mountains, and ocean—all is yours to enjoy.

Attractions of Otsuchi

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  • Shinyama Kogen Heights
  • Shinyama Kogen Heights

Shinyama Kogen Heights

Described as a “Wind Farm,”
there are numerous windmills standing in Otsuchi generating electricity.
It is known for azaleas which bloom in early spring,
and the Shinyama Kogen Highland Festival is held when they are in full bloom.

The Waterfalls of Namiita Fudō

Near the Kujirayama Shinto Shrine which sits atop of
Kujirayama Mountain, water cascades 15 to 20 meters
above to form the Waterfalls of Namiita Fudō.
Beautiful Autumn leaves.

Kanezawa Autumn Leaves

In Kanezawa area you can enjoy the changing colors of autumn , the murmur of a stream and natural clean air in the country side.

Sakiyama Cape

Scenery from Sakiyama Lookout.
You can enjoy a splendid view of the Pacific.

“Houraijima” – the Symbol of Otsuchi

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Houraijma Island

Located at the center of the Bay of Otsuchi, the red lighthouse marks Houraijima Island. Known to have inspired a famous TV show by its humorous gourd-like shape, the island is popular as the symbol of the town. In the shrine of the island, Benzaiten is enshrined to ensure abundant catch and safety. It is a place of prayer for the local residents. The breakwater which bridges the island and inland has been rebuilt and many visitors come to enjoy fishing.

Kujirayama Mountain

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Kujirayama Mountain

Kujirayama Mountain, named after its whale-shaped (*kujira refers to whale in Japanese) silhouette, is a small mountain at the height of 610 meters above sea level. Because of its characteristic shape, it has been used as a mariner’s compass to locate the ships’ location when they travel along the coast of Sanriku. The mountain is popular for hiking and is a site for nature walks. A superb view of Namiita Beach, the Bay of Yamada, and Funakoshi Peninsula can be enjoyed from its mountaintop.