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Message from the Mayor
the support from Overseas

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Message from the Mayor about the support from Overseas

I thank all the support and encouragement generously given to the Town of Otuschi from all over the world at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. It has been four years since the unprecedented disaster in which an unimaginably huge tsunami took away so many people’s lives, and destroyed our hometown in a blink of an eye.
We have continued to drive forward several projects as set out in our Master Plan for Reconstruction while we still embrace many challenges. 

Mayor of Otsuchi Kozo Hirano

Nature’s gifts, climate, and tradition – were once what the town took pride in – these are gradually regaining their beauty. Known as one of the worlds three largest fishing grounds, the offshore of Sanriku is blessed with bountiful fruits of the sea. Traditional performing arts, which were passed down for generations, still move the minds of anybody who see them.

I hope that people from all over the world visit Otsuchi one day. I look forward to seeing you. I ask your continued support and cooperation so that our hometown Otsuchi may fully attain its rebirth as soon as possible to strive for a bright future.

Mayor of Otsuchi Kozo Hirano

Otsuchi Reconstruction Report

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Otsuchi Reconstruction Report

Due to the tragic tsunami deluge of Otsuchi on March 11, 2011, 52% of the residential area (= 431ha) was submerged under water and 1,284 lives were lost. The death toll reduced the population by nearly 10%. About 4,000 people who lost their houses are still living in temporary housing scattered over 48 sites.

Outline of tragic damage

Population 15,994 as of March 11, 2011
12,531 as of February, 2015
Human Damage Confirmed dead  808
Reported missing  426
Related deaths 50
Total 1,284
Property Damage Houses completely destroyed 3,374
Houses partially destroyed 716
Submerged areas 431ha
  52% of residential
  98% of commercial


The town of Otsuchi established a Master Plan for Reconstruction on December 26, 2011, which provides the hazard area maps based on the tsunami simulation, and highlights priority projects including town re-demarcation, collective relocation of residents, school relocation, public housing construction and other related projects.
However, the progress of these projects is continuing slowly because of difficulties in land acquisition, and other issues involved. The projects are scheduled to be completed by May 2017. Every effort is being made to complete these challenging reconstruction projects.

English Guided Tour by Oraga Otsuchi

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Contact:Oraga Otsuchi Dream Field (Ms.Kamitani)
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