Otsuchi of specialty products

Gifts from the Sea

Fed by the underground water springing up from the ocean floor,
the seawater of Otsuchi is rich in nutrients.
This makes the area an excellent fishing ground for a variety of fish all year round.
For this reason, Otsuchi is renowned for its superbly fresh catches and seafood.

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Otsuchi is also known for its returning salmon to the coast of Sanriku in autumn. “Nambu crooked-nose lightly salted salmon” is popular as a New Year’s gift. Salmon hanging under eaves in cold winter weather became a common sight of the season. Fishing boats, fixed fishing nets, and salmon and trout hatcheries are all repaired and rebuilt, and a considerable effort is being made in releasing smolt so that there may be large catches in future.


In the Bay of Otsuchi, the Oyashiro and the Black currents coming together to provide nutritious ground to raise seaweed, which becomes food for abalone. Fishing season for abalone is during the coldest time of the year, which lasts from November to February. Tossed about by the cold angry waves of Otsuchi, our abalone has just right texture, and is packed with tasteful flavours. Using a water glass onboard a ship, fisherman harvest abalone using sharp hook.

Gifts from the Mountains

As the area is thickly-wooded, the town of Otsuchi is blessed with abundant mountain harvest.
In addition to the hunting of wild vegetables and mushrooms,
the production of "donko shiitake mushrooms" in the mountain forest is also popular.
Honey collected from broad-leaved trees and game meat such as bear and deer are
also counted among nature’s gifts from the mountains.

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Valuable Honey of the Choja Mountains

the Choja Mountains scenery

Terraced rice fields

Places to Eat

Otsuchi is a “treasure house” of fresh catch from the sea and savory harvest from the mountain.
Visitors can dine in restaurants on the promenade enjoying dishes of local origin and
regional speciality which have been passed down for generations.

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Fukko Kirari Shotengai

(Shopping Area)

Shops and restaurants in Otsuchi that were destroyed by tsunami are now operating in the temporary constructed buildings. Fukko Kirai Shotengai Mall is home to several restaurants, a pub, a ramen shop, a fish store, a butcher, and several bakeries.


Fukko Kirari Shotengai

Address: Dai23chiwari9,Otsuchi,Otsuchi-cho,Kamihei-gun, Iwate, 028-1131 JAPAN [MAP]

  • photo ririshiya01

    Ririshiya Restaurant:
    Tsuyoshi Maekawa

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Ririshiya Japanese Restaurant

Using fresh catches of the season,
I offer dishes that bring a smile to every face.

The restaurant I opened six years prior to the disaster was washed away by the tsunami. Instead of running my business as a temporary setup, I thought I’d like to open my own original restaurant. I worked at many different jobs to save up money. In December 2014, my dream came true and I opened my original restaurant. Many locals frequent my establishment. As I am also a fisherman, I use freshly caught fish and seafood of the day in my cooking. In spring, I go to the mountains to search for wild vegetables, and in autumn, I go to look for mushrooms. I remain persistent about using the materials that I myself am satisfied with in my cooking. I want customers to enjoy to the fullest what Otsuchi’s sea and mountains have to offer.


Ririshiya Japanese Restaurant

Address: 1-3-53, Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate, 028-1101 JAPAN [MAP]
Tel: (+81)193-44-2366
Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Lunch)
5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Dinner)
Closed: Thursday

Seafood donburi (rice bowl with seafood) is one of our specialties.

  • photo iwato01

    Kappo Iwato :
    Tsuyoshi Sato

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Iwato Japanese Restaurant

I'm the fourth generation to run this restaurant. Our place is known for eel, homemade soba noodles, and multi-course meals using the food of the season.


Iwato Japanese Restaurant

Address:2-3-39, Ogaguchi, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate, 028-1132 JAPAN [MAP]
Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Closed: Monday

Kaiseki-ryori (Traditional Japanese course meal),Tempura gozen plate,Soba [buckwheat] noodles